The frog does not drink up the pond in which it lives. " — Chinese proverb

The Sustainable Vote

As election week is just around the corner, many of us have probably received our ballots in the mail, but did you ever stop to consider voting because of sustainability? Most of us vote on social issues, or related to how a candidate thinks economically, but the truth is that we can exercise our love for sustainability just by voting at all. Thinking critically about the future and the candidates we choose to make decisions for our future, is being socially sustainable. We can participate in social equality by voting and encouraging others to vote as well.

The Story of Change © 2013 Story of Stuff Project Creative Commons License

The Story of Change © 2013 Story of Stuff Project Creative Commons License

Our neglect of the incredible opportunity we have to vote is often due to it being in the shadow of the power we feel as consumers. Continue reading


spu2Moving forward and healing, of course, aren’t always the same thing. Moving forward is often what we’re forced to do in hard times, when we feel frozen and stagnant on the inside, but it doesn’t imply anything more than what the physical body is doing. I suspect that much of the SPU community is still in the moving forward phase, with the emotional toll of last week still acting as a heavy weight inside. Continue reading

Sustainable Discovery

Captura-de-pantalla-2014-01-03-a-las-12.05.09-PMDid you know that an estimated 18,000 new species of animals, plants, and insects are discovered every year? This mind-boggling statistic thrilled and uplifted me; who says there’s nothing left to discover? The International Institute for Species Exploration recently released a list of its top ten newly discovered species from the past year, which includes a new member of the raccoon family as well as a new kind of gecko. While new doesn’t always mean better, it’s a nice idea to carry forward, especially for us soon-to-be graduates; we, as a species, are never done learning.

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Green Careers

Solar_PowerWelp, graduation is approaching fast for us SPU seniors, and the desperate search for a new job is well underway for many. Whether or not you’ll be stepping away from SPU this June, the field of sustainability is a constantly growing one, and green career options are expanding past the ones you may already know about. If you’re at all interested in going into sustainability after school, or if you’re in the thick of it and trying to look ahead, check out the following list of possible future jobs in under-sought areas within the sustainable framework. Continue reading

The Benefits of Soybeans

basket-of-soybeansYou may have noticed Soybeans or Edamame being served as an appetizer when you eat out, or perhaps you’ve discovered them through your own curiosity. Either way, these fuzzy-shelled guys are deceptively delicious. While they may look like just another vegetable (even though they’re technically a legume), soybeans are super yummy, especially with the addition of some salt on the pod. Fortunately said yumminess does not, in this case, mean that soybeans aren’t as healthy as they look. The fact is that soybeans have many health benefits, and you don’t have to feel guilty about eating them at all. Quite the contrary. See below for some reasons soybeans are both tasty and healthy: Continue reading


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