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Reasons to Continue Biking to Work

tumblr_mn4lme6F2z1s0c08no1_500As Bike to Work Month ends, we’d like to congratulation every one who participated and biked to work in May! Whether you biked every day, or just tried it once, your contribution is appreciated.

But now that the month is almost up, we want to encourage you new bikers to keep commuting. Though we’ve covered a lot of reasons why biking is awesome, here are just a few last-minute notes to inspire Monday’s commute:

  • The Bicycle Commuter Tax Provision gives you a tax rebate for every month you take your bike to work. This money is intended to offset the costs of biking: helmets, maintenance, locks. They don’t do that for driving.
  • Figuring out your route and riding it becomes easier over time, so don’t give up on it quite yet. I bet your commute is already quicker than it was May 1st, and your muscles more adapted to biking up those hills. These will only continue to improve.
  • As the Bike to Work Commuter’s Booklet says: “The average annual price of keeping an automobile running: at least $3,000. The cost of running a bike for a year: less than $300. The joy of saving more than two grand this year: priceless.” This doesn’t even include the money you save on parking.
  • It gives you your daily exercise, adding up to better cardiovascular health.  According to the League, “A 130-pound cyclist burns 402 calories while pedaling 14 miles in an hour. A 180-pound cyclist burns 540 calories while pedaling 14 miles in an hour.” This is how the average commuter lose 13 pounds in his/her first year of biking to work.
  • Biking every day is proven to increase your performance and efficiency at work. Hello promotion!
  • It’s way more fun than driving and dealing with city traffic.

Author: Sara Kenning

Sustainability Assistant at Seattle Pacific University's Office of Facility and Project Management

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