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The Walk Bike Ride Challenge


bikesThis cool thing is going on in Seattle through September 9th called the Walk Bike Ride Challenge. It’s a program organized by the City’s Department of Transportation that encourages people to seek alternative methods to getting where they need to be; basically, anything that isn’t driving somewhere by yourself. If you go from one place to another in a different way, you can sign up here, then start logging your trips and win one of the following prizes:

  • Grand Prize: A brand new Specialized Sirrus Elite (male) bike or Specialized Vita Elite (female) and helmet from Gregg’s Cycles worth $800.
  • A $200 REI Gift Card
  • A $150 Zipcar gift certificate
  • A $100 Farmers Market gift certificate
  • A $100 Nordstrom gift card
  • Car2Go membership and four hours of use
  • Family pack tickets to the Woodland Park Zoo

Even more than the prizes though, I think the real reward here is the personal feeling of pride that comes with being involved in such a positive communal movement. Nothing but benefits here-good exercise in the case of walking or biking, saving money in every case of efficient transpo, and of course the environmental good that we can all enjoy. I’m in no position to brag about walking to work, as my apartment is located at a monstrous distance of two blocks away (though recently I’ve been repeatedly attacked by a crow on my way. Look at the risks I take for you, environment), but there are some people who really go the distance in order to leave their cars in park, proving that such action is very possible to maintain. Do you walk, ride, or carpool to your destinations? Share your routine in as boisterous a manner as you see fit. If you’re looking to get started, here’s a page to help in your pursuit, detailing the best ways to walk, bike, bus, and carpool.

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