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Relieving Sunburns Around the House

sunWhen it comes to the sun, I’m kind of a downer. I’d much prefer it to concentrate its attention on California and all those other places that are more accustomed to its rays, pushing the heat down and interrupting the haven of cool and calm that is Seattle. I know, I sound like a complete summer scroodge right now. Most Seattleites seem to welcome the sun with open arms, treating it like a special friend who comes around so rarely that every occasion of their presence must be taken full advantage of. Such gusto towards Mr. Bright and Yellow can entail sunburns, especially in a place where applying sunscreen isn’t exactly a routine activity. When such misfortune befalls you, there are a few interesting household remedies you can try to heal the pain with.

Baking Soda

The versatile product of baking soda helps balance the acid and alkaline balance of your skin (the pH factor), so adding it to bathwater before a soak can help ease sunburn.


Vinegar contains acetic acid, one of the components in medications like Aspirin. Apple cider vinegar especially can help to balance the pH factor of your skin. Vinegar is said to be best used in this case after a cool to tepid shower.


This I would not have thought. But apparently, potatoes contain natural starches that help drain the heat out of sunburned skin. If you want to be all devil-may-care about it, you can apply raw potato directly to your skin, or you can blend the potato with water and apply it as a lotion. Doing this every few hours until the pain has subsided can speed up the healing process.


Being an antibacterial, honey is also capable of stimulating new skin cells in addition to containing healing properties that can assist in sunburn relief. To try it out, gently massage honey into your burned skin before rinsing with cool water and patting the area dry.

Cold Milk

Milk can soothe your skin with its fat, protein and pH, while its cold temperature will constrict your blood vessels and bring down any swelling. To do it the dairy way, soak a clean cloth in a bowl with milk, ice cubes, and water. Press the cloth to the affected skin area for five minutes and repeat the process a few more times.


Tea contains tannic acid, an integral sunburn relief property, which also contains ingredients which further serve to protect your skin. Applying tea bags soaked in cool water is the recommended action here.

Do you have any other unique methods for healing sunburns?

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