Sustainability is about ecology, economy and equity.- Ralph Bicknese

Lazy Indoor Activities

5339_futurama_hd_wallpapers_fry1Well, my fellow SPU students, school is…..another month away? Of course it is. I would never write an article reminding you of the impending return of essays, textbooks, and increased obligations unless said return was at least 30 days away. Not to be a downer. There are plenty of awesome things about college. The stress is just rarely one of them. But there’s still plenty of time to fit in those lazy summer activities before school starts and your mind won’t let you do them anymore without constant reminders of what needs to be done. So in the spirit of being unproductive, I thought I’d go over some lazy indoor shenanigans that can keep you away from the car as well as any shred of responsibility. Continue reading

A Sustainable Dream

green-martin-luther-king-jr.It’s been fifty years today since Martin Luther King delivered a landmark speech for human sustainability, which cannot thrive in the midst of inequality. Back then, people united to fight against a prejudice lethal to human existence, one which caused much suffering and tragedy, including the death of Dr. King himself. A lot of progress has been made since (though prejudice still exists, in several forms, all over the place), and I’m thankful to be alive in a time where the ignorance of racism isn’t nearly as present as it once was. Continue reading

Pretty Cool Thing: Seattle Park(ing) Day

parkOn September 20th, people will be constructing their own mini-parks on would-be parking spaces on the side of the street. The event, called Seattle Park(ing) day, will last from 9a.m. to 3p.m. Even if you’re someone trapped in a car, upset at the fresh lack of parking spaces available, this unique and innovative way to promote green love, communal involvement, and creativity has to seem like an awesome idea. Continue reading

Trees Bring People Together

Community-treeAnd you thought that trees were just good for oxygen and looking awesome. A study conducted within a Chicago public housing development shows otherwise, finding that residents of buildings with more greenery surrounding them had more frequent interactions with their neighbors and a stronger sense of community than those who lived in more barren areas. Continue reading

Seattle-Tacoma International Airport Boasting Cleaner Air

airAs reported by The Seattle Times, local Air Travel is getting in on the city’s commitment to sustainability. Instead of cooling passenger cabins with the plane’s auxiliary-power engine, an act that burns jet fuel while the plane is being serviced, the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport has recently started a “preconditioned air” network that cools or heats at a central plant, pumping the treated air through hoses connecting to the plane. Continue reading

Fulfilling our Shoes’ Potential

chrisSpeaking of walking, the simple act of hoofing it sometimes gets lost in the shuffle when it comes to getting places, and it’s certainly not the only sustainable mode of transportation, what with bikes, buses, and ride-share options. With all of these faster ways to go, the thought of walking can easily be glanced over, to the point that you might forget about just how possible, and good for you, it can be. Continue reading

Capitol Hill Sustainability Walk

ullittIf you’ve recently had an urge to engage in one of the most sustainable modes of transportation there is whilst checking out the new sustainable features of Capitol Hill, you’re in some very particular luck. Sustainable Seattle is hosting a sustainability walk around Capitol Hill this Saturday, with tours starting at 5, 5:30, and 6:00p.m. Continue reading

Seattle Owns a lot of Electric Cars!

Brutsch MopettaFantastic (if not surprising) news! Seattle has been reported to be one of five cities that dominate the electric vehicle market, along with San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, and Atlanta. Though Seattle has the smallest population of the five, the city still makes up eight percent of electric vehicle registration in the country, based on data collected from January to May of this year. It feels good to live in a city so environmentally conscious, one where reports like this are akin to reading something about the temperature being higher during summer. As for the dude driving the awesomemobile in the picture above, I think we just need to face that he has us all beat.

Homebound Passivity

passveImagine watching a silent movie in color and you might get a sense for what it would be like to watch the world go by from inside a passive house, a super-insulated and energy efficient home that renders any outside noise completely inaudible, also keeping the air incredibly fresh and the temperature a comfortable 70-74 degrees year-round, all while using a fraction of the energy consumed by the average house. Continue reading

Eating as Ourselves

leslieDo you perform any rituals before you eat certain foods? This could be something as elaborate as a dance across the living room with socks on your hands pre-oatmeal, or something as simple as tapping your fork against the plate before digging into spaghetti. If you do practice such routine, you probably think of it as inconsequential, not something that directly affects the meal you’re about to eat, simply a personal quirk that feels right to you, for whatever reason. As it turns out, individual rituals performed before the act of eating have been shown to actually improve the taste of the food you’re about to consume.  Continue reading