Sustainability is about ecology, economy and equity.- Ralph Bicknese

A Sustainable Dream

green-martin-luther-king-jr.It’s been fifty years today since Martin Luther King delivered a landmark speech for human sustainability, which cannot thrive in the midst of inequality. Back then, people united to fight against a prejudice lethal to human existence, one which caused much suffering and tragedy, including the death of Dr. King himself. A lot of progress has been made since (though prejudice still exists, in several forms, all over the place), and I’m thankful to be alive in a time where the ignorance of racism isn’t nearly as present as it once was. Today we’re lucky enough to be able to turn our societal attention to issues like environmentalism with a focus that the rampant injustice of Dr. King’s time wouldn’t have allowed for. There are more important battles to fight in a society where certain restaurants refuse to serve certain ethnicities. Today the earth is far more recognized as what it is: a place to be shared equally by all of us. To treat it as such, being conscious of the ways our day to day actions impact the health of this home we all occupy, is perhaps just another form of honoring Dr. King’s vision, a vision which opened up and united the world in the way it so desperately needed to be. Today we have the ability to work on a green dream, one in which the earth’s beauty can continue to be enjoyed by all for lifetimes to come. But for now, let’s just bask in the glow of progress for a moment. Human sustainability has come a long way.

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