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Lazy Indoor Activities

5339_futurama_hd_wallpapers_fry1Well, my fellow SPU students, school is…..another month away? Of course it is. I would never write an article reminding you of the impending return of essays, textbooks, and increased obligations unless said return was at least 30 days away. Not to be a downer. There are plenty of awesome things about college. The stress is just rarely one of them. But there’s still plenty of time to fit in those lazy summer activities before school starts and your mind won’t let you do them anymore without constant reminders of what needs to be done. So in the spirit of being unproductive, I thought I’d go over some lazy indoor shenanigans that can keep you away from the car as well as any shred of responsibility.

Read a Bookfor the pleasure of it

Let’s be honest. If you get assigned to read a certain book, it’s unlikely to be as enjoyable. With the added stress of knowing when you need to finish it by, a book can feel more like something to check off a list than something to really take in and get something out of. A self-chosen book, read at a self-chosen pace, usually makes for a better, more rewarding experience. Try anything by the brilliantly quirky Aimee Bender if you’re into strange, poignant, and altogether unique fiction.

Make Weird Decorations

Those white walls you have? They’re nice I suppose. But they could really use some random, unexpected stuff stuck to them. Perhaps a collage of collected coffee cups, pinned on a section of the wall that quickly gets designated as the coffee corner. Your pad is the perfect place for such random attempts at artful craft-making. After all, shouldn’t your walls express who you are? Grab whatever you can find and see if it can accomplish such a feat.

Cook Something New

Okay, so maybe this one isn’t all that lazy, but it’s always fun to experiment. Finding something new to add to your cooking arsenal is quite the beneficial use of extra time, and there are an immense amount of recipes to be found on the internets, ready to be explored. Of course this may mean a trip to the market, but you gotta buy food sometime.

benSink Yourself Into Your Hobbies

You know that thing you do that everyone else thinks is stupid? Well no one’s looking. Go for it. Just be weary of claymation.

Have a Movie Night!

Movie recs? I have them. But alas, a film nerd like me would have trouble choosing just a few. Point is, an in-home movie night with friends is a kicking good time. And with that one internet streaming service everyone seems to have, as well as the rise of movies being available online earlier than they hit theatres, this is easier accomplished than ever.

Good luck squeezing the most relaxation you can out of the rest of your summer. And if you’re one of those people like me who can’t relax without feeling like they’ve gotten something accomplished, try taking a jog before your perfect kick-back session.

What’s your favorite way to relax? Type it below with slow, loose fingers.

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