Sustainability is about ecology, economy and equity.- Ralph Bicknese


Giant_Mushrooms_-_Auckland1I’ve always been curious about mushrooms; something that you can go out and receive from nature just by taking the time to examine the crevices of your surroundings. But my curiosity has never led to me actually coming home with some eatable mushrooms to prepare. If like me you’re interested in actualizing your mushroom curiosity and eating right out of nature’s generous hand, or if you just want to geek out on non-psychadelic shroom-speak, here are a few options to look for on future foraging adventures. Continue reading

SPU Deemed Green

thumb-plant3SPU has been included in The Princeton Review’s Guide to 322 Green Colleges. The Guide looked for colleges that demonstrated a “strong commitment to sustainability in their academic offerings, campus infrastructure, activities and career preparation.” This follows in SPU’s pattern, the school recently achieving several green feats for the year of 2012. It was easy to spot a class centered around sustainability when I took a quick glance at what was available next quarter in the Engineering Science category (frightening and unknown territory for this English major), finding Alternative Energy Systems (EGR 3611). The class is described as an exploration of alternative energy sources and has an encouraging amount of seats open: zero. Continue reading

Paddle Board Yoga

SUP_yogaTwo items I’ll be adding to my agenda: 1. Try paddle boarding. 2. Try paddle board yoga. A couple weeks ago I decided to give deep breathing a try. So far the results include lowered anxiety and an increased sense of awareness of the world around me. Essentially, it’s helped me to get out of my head, if only for a time. Continue reading

The Perks of Accountability

High-five-time_gallery_primarySometimes personal motivation to do the little things just isn’t enough. It does a great job of getting you psyched up and jazzed about an idea, but that inner enthusiasm can fade, chipped away at by the practical limitations and strains of everyday life. It’s easier to give up when we’re on our own about something because we know that we’re only letting ourselves down. We can make up for it later, and nobody else will have to know we gave up. Continue reading

The Plight of the Oysters

oysterAs reported by The Seattle Times, oysters along the west coast are in trouble. They’ve been struggling to survive since 2005, due to carbon dioxide from fossil-fuel emissions and a drop in pH levels. Years in the making, this emerging ocean acidification is the product of low pH water which naturally occurred hundreds of feet down several decades ago. Due to the way in which the ocean circulates, the corrosive water has since risen at a swifter rate than expected, and it’s getting closer and closer to the surface, some of it already making an impact on under-the-radar marine life, such as oysters. Continue reading

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Getting Rid of Mold Naturally

Image-14.24-TeatreeIf there’s one thing I know from living in a dorm, it’s that bathroom mold can build up quicker than one might imagine. Well, that may be unfair to all the other fun things about dorms, but for the purposes of this article, I’ll stick with that. Due to the dangers of mold, it’s healthy to get rid of the stuff if you see it hanging around or lurking in corners, trying desperately to be noticed with its intrusive but somehow ignorable presence. If you’d rather use natural remedies than harsh chemical concoctions, there are a few methods that may not be so difficult to pull off. Continue reading

The Reusable Spaghetti Jar

SDC13804No, the title of this post is not just an awesome idea for a band name. It’s also something I’ve been pondering a lot lately as my empty jars of spaghetti sauce continue to pile up. So for me and my fellow pasta addicts, I decided to compile a list of ways we can reuse spaghetti sauce jars when they’re empty, after we get back from running to the store for more, of course. Continue reading