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5 Reasons to be Psyched about Fall

Autumn_in_SeattleI know a lot of you like the summer weather and are going to miss it. I’ll try to be as polite and consoling as possible when I say that I, personally, am extremely happy about the impending end of obnoxiously hot days and disturbingly bright skies. Okay, I guess I could have been nicer. But as you mourn the soon-to-be gone again days of light clothing, open windows, and popsicles, let me try to get you as excited for the return of grey skies, pattering raindrops, and falling leaves as I am. I’ll start with those last two things.

Fall Colors

Those gorgeous, calming shades of brown, orange, and yellow. There’s nothing like walking down a tree-lined street in the fall while thinking reflective thoughts and kicking up leaves, emerging with a fresh appreciation for life. Okay, maybe I’m romanticizing it just a bit. But those messy, colorful roads do have something to offer, I think, if you take the time to really feel them. For this reason and more, fall makes a great time to take up jogging!

The Sound of Rain

While you may not share my appreciation of a gloomy, melancholy outdoor landscape, you have to admit that the sound of rain, hitting gently against your windows, is soothing as all get out. It could make anything more peaceful, but is ideally suited for something like reading a book or watching a movie, always enhancing the experience. No more sleepless nights with your ears craving the soft pitter-patter of falling drops. Now, this glorious northwest climate of ours will frequently provide you with the most natural of sleep-aids.

Goodbye Heat!

The return of colder weather means no more temptations to run the AC, no more desperate collecting of fans, and no more sweating without exerting energy or feeling anxious.

Hello Cool

Cold weather gets a bad rap. Sure, it makes you have to bundle up to go outside, and it doesn’t entail the kind of fun in the sun activities associated with the season near passed. But just think of all the coziness that awaits, with warm soup and (enjoyably) hot coffee and chestnuts roasting on a wide open fire. Did I just jump nearly four months ahead? Why yes, yes I did. In summary, the cold makes heat more fun.

Change is Good

It can be easy to feel trapped in routine, even if you don’t adhere to the strictest of schedules. The same sights, places, and motions alone can make the more restless of us feel quite antsy. A simple change in the aesthetic of our surrounding area can go a long way, I think, in reminding us that change and progress is possible in our lives, even if it’s not currently happening at the speed we would prefer.

What’s your favorite thing about fall? Put a leaf in your hair and respond below. If your head is leafless, we will know. We stalk because we care.


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