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The Deep Breathing Challenge

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meditation+dogs+do+it+too_99a07b_3753826While the deep breathing challenge being taken on by several environmental bloggers officially started on September 1st, it sounds like something very worth getting in on in better-late-than-never fashion. Mediation or deep breathing has been hailed by its practitioners to assist in relaxation, happiness, and general clarity of mind, the effects similar to that of being in nature. While inexperienced in meditating myself, I can’t tell you if I find it personally beneficial yet, but I’ll be trying it for the first time starting tomorrow (#breathingnewb). Basically, the idea involves setting aside a certain amount of time every day for 30 days to be quiet and breathe deeply. If you’d like to join me on this quest for enhanced tranquility, I’ve gathered some tips from around the internets on how to approach meditation.

Find your spot

Different places will be more relaxing to different people. Who knows; someone might find the top of a nearby dumpster to be a location filled with zen. I’ll take underneath a tree any day, but there’s nothing wrong with experimenting.

Do it Your Way

Deep breathing doesn’t come with any rulebook. Whatever feels right to you is the right way. Pace, duration, what have you. It’s all up to you and your lungs.


The simple act of stretching those facial muscles in a positive way is said to help you maintain focus and relaxation during the process. Think of something happy to get yourself glowing, like Gollum in a ring factory or Leslie Knope in a waffle house.

Find Your Tme

Again, it’s all about what works for you. There isn’t any best time to meditate. Whenever you find most personally effective (and possible) is the time for you.

Focus on Your Breath

As someone who overthinks everything, I’m anticipating the need to try especially hard in this area-concentrating on breathing and returning to the focus of it as other thoughts try to take over and take you out of the zone.

Don’t Give Up!

Especially in relation to this last challenge of staying focused, it’s important not to call it off if the first few attempts aren’t doing anything for you (I’ll likely need to push myself forward too). Give it a solid chance before deciding you have better things to do.

If we’re doing this together, you should totally comment below with your stories of success or boredom in the act. Happy breathing!

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  1. Smile! Great tip — an impressive shortcut to feeling better.