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Pretty Cool Thing: Seattle Greenways

wallDid you know about Seattle Neighborhood Greenways? These are streets on which pedestrians and bicyclists are given the priority, using an array of small alterations that make a big difference. Pavement markings alert drivers to be extra watchful. Clearer crossings with curb ramps make crossing the street safer and easier, larger lanes for bicyclists make biking in the city a less stressful experience, and frequent speed bumps reduce the speed of passing cars. Greenways have further pavement markings as well as signage geared towards those going places without a car, telling them what’s around the immediate area. Seattle’s third neighborhood greenway was recently installed in Ballard.

Another communal benefit derived from greenways is the simple effect of more pedestrians and bicyclists being on the road, making for a safer and friendlier atmosphere. The idea seems to be beneficial from every angle. Seattle being such a bike-friendly, walk-friendly city (relatively speaking, of course, in this car-dominated world of ours), it makes sense for it to have streets tailored towards such eco-friendly transportation options. The concept of greenways seems to encourage further coexistence between cars, bikes, and feet, transforming the idea of sharing the road into a more concrete reality.

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