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The Reusable Spaghetti Jar

SDC13804No, the title of this post is not just an awesome idea for a band name. It’s also something I’ve been pondering a lot lately as my empty jars of spaghetti sauce continue to pile up. So for me and my fellow pasta addicts, I decided to compile a list of ways we can reuse spaghetti sauce jars when they’re empty, after we get back from running to the store for more, of course.

Put a Candle in it! others_l

You can make your own pasta-themed lantern by placing a candle inside an old sauce jar. Anyone who doesn’t get the appeal of lanterns clearly hasn’t watched any movie that takes place before electricity. Those things are cool.

A Water Jar for Your Dog

If you’re lucky enough to have a dog, you can take a jar filled with water to the park that they can take a drink of after play.


Apparently Spaghetti Jars are an integral part of making your own cold-brew coffee without using as much energy. Check this out to learn the full method.

Store Leftovers and Bulk Foods

Ideal for soups, spaghetti jars make for quality storage spaces for leftover food. They’re also perfect for holding bulk items like sugar, flour, and grains. And pretty much anything else you want to store.

Make Your Own Flavored Olive Oil!

This will be very exciting to pasta lovers. We can fill a jar with oil, add our choice of herb to it, then cap and let sit for a few days. Afterwards we can add it to our spaghetti and enhance an already splendid dining experience.

Hog Bank

Because sauce jars are too cool to be called piggy banks. That annoying change piling up in your pocket, signaling your arrival everywhere you go with a ceaseless jingle-jangle? Throw it in your empty sauce jar and you’ll have yourself a hog bank.

Do you have any other uses for empty spaghetti sauce jars? The more inventive, the more this blog will like you.

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