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Paddle Board Yoga

SUP_yogaTwo items I’ll be adding to my agenda: 1. Try paddle boarding. 2. Try paddle board yoga. A couple weeks ago I decided to give deep breathing a try. So far the results include lowered anxiety and an increased sense of awareness of the world around me. Essentially, it’s helped me to get out of my head, if only for a time.

The effect has increased my interest in other yoga-related activities, perhaps one of the most appealing being paddle board yoga. As if floating on a sliver of board in the middle of a river isn’t cool enough. Adding yoga to the mix means a still higher risk of falling in the water, but such a thing seems like part of the paddle boarding experience. If you can go deep into meditation whilst in more literal danger of tipping over, perhaps the more abstract landscape of mental stability will follow suit? Not too mention, keeping balance on a paddle board is an awesome workout for your abs. Some poses  that could make a good starter for those on paddle board adventures include the cat pose and the cow pose, neither of which require standing. The thought of standing up on a paddle board and doing yoga, however, makes me want to work towards finding such a balance. I doubt there’s a stronger feeling of being one with nature than meditating upright on a paddle board; to be so incredibly vulnerable and tranquil at the same time seems to embody the yogaic (did I just coin a term?) ideal of letting go.

Have you tried paddle board yoga?

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