Sustainability is about ecology, economy and equity.- Ralph Bicknese

Pretty Cool Thing: Seattle Greenways

wallDid you know about Seattle Neighborhood Greenways? These are streets on which pedestrians and bicyclists are given the priority, using an array of small alterations that make a big difference. Pavement markings alert drivers to be extra watchful. Clearer crossings with curb ramps make crossing the street safer and easier, larger lanes for bicyclists make biking in the city a less stressful experience, and frequent speed bumps reduce the speed of passing cars. Greenways have further pavement markings as well as signage geared towards those going places without a car, telling them what’s around the immediate area. Continue reading

Saving Honeybees

image1A while ago I wrote about the return of the western bumblebee and the efforts one could take to create a more welcome environment for bumblebees to thrive. As it turns out, the problem with bee scarcity may extend to more than just those under the prefix of bumble. As reported by Time Magazine, honeybees, otherwise known as pollinators of apples, watermelons, cucumbers, and more, are dying in numbers these days due to the harms of pesticides. Continue reading

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The Deep Breathing Challenge

meditation+dogs+do+it+too_99a07b_3753826While the deep breathing challenge being taken on by several environmental bloggers officially started on September 1st, it sounds like something very worth getting in on in better-late-than-never fashion. Mediation or deep breathing has been hailed by its practitioners to assist in relaxation, happiness, and general clarity of mind, the effects similar to that of being in nature. Continue reading

The Sustainability of Kindness

Enjoying the sunIf you haven’t seen Rainn Wilson’s youtube talk show Metaphysical Milkshake (featured on the SoulPancake channel), you should definitely get on that. The interviews with various celebrities take place in the back of a van and feature conversations related to philosophical and personal issues that go far deeper than standard talk show fare and push viewers towards introspection. I recently watched an episode with Writer/Director/Actor Josh Radnor in which the two discussed air pollution in the form of unkind verbal output. Radnor asserts that kindness being seen as a sign of weakness is a poison to progress, saying that if we’re going to move anything forward, “it’s gonna have to come from compassion and kindness.” Continue reading

5 Reasons to be Psyched about Fall

Autumn_in_SeattleI know a lot of you like the summer weather and are going to miss it. I’ll try to be as polite and consoling as possible when I say that I, personally, am extremely happy about the impending end of obnoxiously hot days and disturbingly bright skies. Okay, I guess I could have been nicer. But as you mourn the soon-to-be gone again days of light clothing, open windows, and popsicles, let me try to get you as excited for the return of grey skies, pattering raindrops, and falling leaves as I am. Continue reading