Sustainability is about ecology, economy and equity.- Ralph Bicknese

Green Seattle Day

discovery_parkThe 8th annual Green Seattle Day takes place this Saturday from 10-2 p.m! You can combat your anger towards illegal logging by participating in the event, which involves the simple and beautiful act of planting a native tree or shrub in one of 17 parks across the city. Check out a complete list of participating parks and sites here, which includes the nearby Burke Gilman Trail as well as Discovery Park and Golden Gardens.

Illegal Logging in Peru

illegal-logging-in-amazonPeru is currently being plagued by illegal logging, a truly disgusting thing involving ripping up beautiful portions of the earth and leaving the area devastated. Not only is the logging in Peru an aesthetic crime against the planet, the rainforests of the region are also considered very important in the fight against global warming, and serve as the sole habitat to many species of plants and animals. Put simply, illegal logging is an attack against life. Continue reading

Washington and Genetically Engineered Food

gm_foodWell Seattleites, our state seems to be at the focal point of the debate over genetically engineered food. If voters approve initiative 522, Washington will be the first state in the country to start labeling foods containing genetically engineered ingredients. While most scientists agree that GE food products are safe to eat, and the environmental effects of it seem to be a mixed bag, proponents of the initiative base their argument mainly on our right to know what we’re eating, a stance that I would agree with. Continue reading

Dealing with Fatigue

fatigueBeing a student makes it easy to think of fatigue as something that we can’t do much about (outside of a frequent coffee intake). With the hectic schedule that often comes with college life, fatigue is usually seen as a given, just another challenge that we have to do our best to work through. But upon closer examination, we may be able to do more about our fatigue than we think. Continue reading

Free Film Screening of “Trashed”

trashed_a_lSeattle Center’s McCaw Hall is putting on a free screening of the documentary “Trashed,” in which actor Jeremy Irons explores (literally) the worldwide conundrum of waste pollution and how it’s affecting some of our most beautiful landscapes. The movie will show on Tuesday, October 29, from 7-8:30 p.m. Continue reading

Keeping the Scary in Costume: A Greener and Healthier (but still fun) Halloween

silly-pumpkin-carving-designSo yeah, I’m going to be that person today. The person who goes out of their way to promote healthier Halloween treats. I’m the lame house that all the trick-or-treaters avoid! Oh well. Now I can have compassion for that one person in my neighborhood who gave out fruit and capri suns. Not that I’m urging anyone to go that far (I mean-something nutritious? For Halloween? Monstrous, no?), but there are several viable substitutes to the traditional candies out there that contain loads of high fructose corn syrup, that unhealthy sweetener that makes its way into so many of the things we enjoy. Continue reading

What to do with the Giant Pacific Octopus

giant_octopusXAs reported by The New York Times, Seattle has recently faced a debate regarding  the the Giant Pacific Octopus, the question being: to eat or not to eat. The controversy was sparked last Halloween, when Maple Valley resident Dylan Mayer dove from Alki Beach into the Puget Sound and combated with a GPO, eventually killing it and dragging it ashore and into his truck. Continue reading