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Walk to School Month!

walkingSo apparently, October is walk to school month in Washington. While the program seems to have been started for elementary schools, there’s no reason us college folk can’t take the idea to heart. There already seem to be a lot of walkers who live off campus at SPU (including one brilliant sustainability blogger), which makes sense, given our highly walkable community. If you’re driving to school, the odds are you live a significant distance away, but if you’re thinking of giving walking a shot, or if you already do and are finding it trying, there may be a few practices we can take up to make it easier on ourselves.

Buy eBooks

Those painfully heavy textbooks were annoying enough to carry to class when we lived across the street; now that we’re walking from an apartment or house that doesn’t include a PA, they’re a full-on hassle. Not only are eBooks more in line with the goals of sustainability, they also weight a whole lot less.

Give Yourself Time

I’ve been cocky these first few days of school; living only a few blocks away from SPU, I’ve left for class just a couple minutes earlier than I did as a campus-dweller. So far the results include three slightly late entries. Slightly because I’ve been running after foreseeing my impending tardiness. Wish I could tell you this kept the short commute exciting, but really it’s only made for more stress. And I think we have enough. So if you’re walking from off-campus, my (rather obvious) advice would be to pad your time a bit.

Think of the Exercise

Those especially dedicated to making the most of every minute may be weary of walking to class, seeing it as taking up more time than a quick drive to campus would. While on a surface level this may be true, walking is far from being an empty, pointless task. It gives us the exercise our bodies don’t receive while sitting still in class, keeps us in touch with our surroundings, gives us time outside, and is, of course, the greener option. As someone obsessed with using time productively, I can attest; walking is worth it.

Do you walk to school? If so, how long is your commute? Feel free to brag about how much use you get out of your shoes below.


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