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An Impending Warm

drought_2398818bAccording to a recent study in the journal nature, areas all over the world will soon reach tipping points leading to an overall hotter climate. The study indicates the year in which different cities of the world are expected to experience dramatically warmer climates (Seattle’s closest neighbor in the report, San Francisco, is set at 2049). It also suggests that the world’s overall temperature will set a new record for heat every year following 2047. Alarming to say the least. Take the Arctic’s Hudson Bay, for example. While the area seemed to have been relatively resistant to global warming, it now seems to have reached its own “ecological tipping point,” meaning that the effects of global warming could soon start showing themselves in much bigger ways. As a bookend to the world, the Arctic’s changes are mirrored by the expansion of Antarctic sea ice on the other end, which set a record for the second year in a row.

Such signs of global warming’s real and present effects remind us that what we’re doing really does make a difference, even if that difference isn’t immediate. The study is a worldwide motivator; according to Camilo Mora, a biological geographer at the University of Hawaii, the universal temperature shift would be pushed from 2047 to 2069 if the world were to lower its carbon dioxide emissions. Bad news either way, but perhaps more time could allow for more change. All we can do is try our best to keep the world the way we like it; in this case, not a constant hotbox. And as always, more awareness means more action.

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