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Foods to Jump-Start Your Workout

officeFirst of all, if you workout regularly, hats off to you. Now hats back on so I can type with two hands. While exercising can be a great way to work up an appetite, our bodies (obviously) aren’t capable of as much when we’re low on fuel to begin with. This can lead to a shorter workout followed by a huge meal with calories that we don’t get the chance to make healthy use of. Therefore, the merit of eating a little while before a workout might be greater than we think. To go deeper with it, there are certain foods that make for optimal pre-workout grub:


Oatmeal is a solid option for a pre-exercise meal, given the body’s ability to stabilize it well and the energy boost it provides.


As annoying as slimy banana residue can be, this super-food is great to eat before a workout, and in general. Especially applicable here is the natural sugar and carbohydrates they’re filled with.


Not only are oranges a speedy source of energy, but they can help keep you hydrated during a strenuous workout.

Whole Grain Bread

Another healthy way to get in some carbohydrates. And with added peanut butter for protein, whole grain bread is a powerhouse of an exercise snack.

If you’re looking to begin working out, that’s great! Some strategies that can be helpful in getting started are establishing a routine, finding a workout you enjoy, and exercising with a friend, which can bring about Accountability.

What snacks accompany your workout?

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