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Keeping the Scary in Costume: A Greener and Healthier (but still fun) Halloween

silly-pumpkin-carving-designSo yeah, I’m going to be that person today. The person who goes out of their way to promote healthier Halloween treats. I’m the lame house that all the trick-or-treaters avoid! Oh well. Now I can have compassion for that one person in my neighborhood who gave out fruit and capri suns. Not that I’m urging anyone to go that far (I mean-something nutritious? For Halloween? Monstrous, no?), but there are several viable substitutes to the traditional candies out there that contain loads of high fructose corn syrup, that unhealthy sweetener that makes its way into so many of the things we enjoy. You can also get creative with a few different Halloween practices that might make that menacing green pumpkin over there happy.

Look for non-GMO Candies

GMO’s refer to crop plants that have been somehow modified by producers. GMO ingredients aren’t limited to high fructose corn syrup, but can also include modified sugar, corn starch, fructose, dextrose, and glucose, among others. Candies with a more natural sweet can be hard to find but are worth the search if you want to go the extra mile.

Give a Piece of Fruit Along with the Candy

Okay, so I’m contradicting myself, but an idea so brilliant demands to be shared. This way, you’re free of any possible candy guilt, and trick-or-treaters won’t get mad at you for including something healthy-the candy is still there, after all. Win-win-win.

Jog Between Houses

If you’re taking in the goods on Halloween instead of handing them out, why not jog in between demands for free candy? All that exercise will make you feel less guilty about ingesting pounds of sugar later. Luckily, walking is great aerobic exercise itself, so the mere action of trick-or-treating is kind of a healthy activity either way, even if it leads up to something quite the contrary.

Attend a Haunted House

Work those vocal chords; scream in a socially acceptable context; get your cardio workout in by being freaked out. Check out SPU’s “Hallowscream” this Friday in the SUB at 9p.m. for a viable option.

Dress up as Greenzogreenzo-30-rock-bl

I know you were planning on doing this already, I’m just so excited to see it!

Treat Films such as The Day After Tomorrow like Horror Movies

Show your friends just how environmental you are by inviting them over for a special Halloween movie night and putting on a film depicting a man-made ecological disaster. Where does the true horror lie, after all, but in the environmental downfall of our beautiful planet? Stephen King ain’t got nothin on this.

How will you be spending Halloween?

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