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Fighting Off Sickness

Sick-Ron-Swanson By now, we all know the difference between getting sick in Elementary school and getting sick in College. One of them means a cozy and relaxing day at home, watching cartoons and eating ice cream while worrying about very little. The other means trying to do as much as you possibly can in the midst of your illness, stressing out about everything you’re missing, and dreading all the work it will take to get yourself back up to speed. It’s tough to accept that in order to get over a cold as fast as possible, we have to temporarily remove ourselves from all these concerns and focus on only our health; sickness is an attention hog. So today I’ve compiled (partially to remind myself) a list of four methods to keep in mind when trying to fend off a cold as fast as possible, quite the helpful tool for college life.

1. Drink Lots of Liquids

I’m sure you’ve heard this one before. It’s just as true now as it was when your mom called you from work to make sure you had a bottle of something at your side while you were barricaded under heavy blankets in your childhood bedroom. Liquids keep our throats and noses from getting too dry, helping the mucous membrane glands remain open. A hydrated body is also more effective at removing toxins produced from dead cells, increasing its ability to fight viruses.

2. Avoid Coffee

As tempting as it is to attempt to fight the fatigue of sickness with coffee, caffeine tends to dehydrate the body, an unhelpful addition to any cold.

3. Hot soup!

One of the most dare-I-say enjoyable aspects of being sick is just how soothing a spoonful of hot soup can be. Soup broth is good for a cold in two ways, both in keeping the body hydrated and in the vapor it gives off, which helps to facilitate congestion. There’s been research on the consumption of chicken soup while dealing with a cold, with the results showing a reduction of nasal swelling and a faster recovery.

4. Get Lots of Vitamin C

Fruits and veggies high in Vitamin C can be very helpful in speeding up your victory over sickness; Vitamin C contributes to the better functioning of white blood cells, which fight off viruses in their spare time.

5. Rest

I know; duh. But this one can be easy to forget if we’re too worried about staying on top of things while recovering. The unfortunate truth of it is that our bodies need to relax in order to fend off the cold virus in the quickest and most effective way. Not allowing ourselves to rest during sickness can result in it sticking around for a longer time, with some symptoms lingering on after the worst of it leaves. Don’t feel guilty about removing yourself from the world for a few days, it’s not your fault and extra time away will help you return to life at full strength much sooner.


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