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Ways to Cut Down on Winter Electricity

davidnewkirk-elise-sam-davidnewkirk-elise-sam-01Because papers, books, and studying require light well into the dark nights of winter, us college students end up using a lot of electricity around this time, as most everyone does. Reducing your electrical usage during these winter months takes a little extra attention, as our instinct is to flip on the lights when its dark and leave them on even if we’re in a different room. The comfort of a well-lit home often supersedes our environmental goodwill. Below are a few methods you could try employing In the effort to reduce any unnecessary use of electricity that might be occurring under your very nose (more likely above it in this case, but oh well).

Go to the Library

If you’re a student living on campus, the library almost serves as the evening studying equivalent to car-pooling. The communal lights available there are now shining until midnight on weeknights, making it a viable option for late-night schoolwork that you might just be able to finish before heading home.

Turn the Lights Off When You Leave

This one is all about habit. If you forget to turn the lights off in a room before you go into another or leave altogether, it isn’t because you have no regard for the use of electricity; more likely you just aren’t in the habit and thus the action often slips your mind. After getting used to flicking the switch upon your exit, you won’t think twice about it. You may even find yourself inadvertently blanketing your roommate in a sea of darkness when they’re staying behind. You can try writing reminder notes to yourself to get in the habit; if you stick them up right next to the light switch, it’ll be hard to forget.

Use a Smaller Light When You Can

Because those standard-issue dorm room lights are pretty depressing anyways, try using a book light for reading, and make your place feel more like home through the acquisition of a lamp or two (have you met the craigslist free section yet?). And remember, movie-watching is always better in the dark.

What’s your favorite winter activity?

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