Sustainability is about ecology, economy and equity.- Ralph Bicknese

Ways to Cut Down on Winter Electricity

davidnewkirk-elise-sam-davidnewkirk-elise-sam-01Because papers, books, and studying require light well into the dark nights of winter, us college students end up using a lot of electricity around this time, as most everyone does. Reducing your electrical usage during these winter months takes a little extra attention, as our instinct is to flip on the lights when its dark and leave them on even if we’re in a different room. The comfort of a well-lit home often supersedes our environmental goodwill. Below are a few methods you could try employing In the effort to reduce any unnecessary use of electricity that might be occurring under your very nose (more likely above it in this case, but oh well).

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Seattle Ranked in the Top Ten Most Walkable Cities

scarfChalk up another sustainable victory for Seattle; walkscore has ranked it as the 8th most walkable city in the country, with an overall score of 70.8. You can check out the full list of cities here. How often do you walk to your destination? If the chill of an impending winter is deterring you, my advice would be to bundle up, keep the benefits in mind, and take a thermos of something hot with you (quite the cozy sensation in both hand and throat, turning the cold into a positive factor). Also, scarfs. They are delightful.

Fighting Off Sickness

Sick-Ron-Swanson By now, we all know the difference between getting sick in Elementary school and getting sick in College. One of them means a cozy and relaxing day at home, watching cartoons and eating ice cream while worrying about very little. The other means trying to do as much as you possibly can in the midst of your illness, stressing out about everything you’re missing, and dreading all the work it will take to get yourself back up to speed. Continue reading