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Creative and Fun ways to Holiday Sustainably

ron swanson marshThe other day I wrote about sustainable gift-giving, but of course, a lot more goes into holiday prep than presents. Decorations are something that we look forward to throughout the year; nutcrackers, lights, tinsel, scented pinecones, all that jazz. Going to the store for holiday supplies seems like the automatic action, the given, the call of consumerism. But if we get a little creative, we can make our own decor, saving money and reusing what we might have otherwise thrown out. Below are a few tips that might jump start your holiday innovation.

Use Recycled Chip Bags or Shopping Bags as Wrapping Paper!

Cut these guys along the seam, wash the chip bags with soap and water, remove the bottom of paper shopping bags, and walla! You’ve got yourself some resourcefully attained wrapping paper. You can also use newspaper to wrap!

Decorate with Spice Stars and Pinecones

If your taste in stars leans towards the spicy, you’ll want to try arranging three cinnamon sticks into a star shape and crisscrossing hemp twine three times around the center, tying the end into a loop. To create particularly festive pinecones, mix the whites of two eggs in a bowl and apply the egg whites to the pinecones using a pastry brush (or whatever you can). For added effect, you can sprinkle crystal sugar on the pinecones before tying a string around the bottom with a loop for hanging them up.

Have Fun with it

There really is a vast array of things you can do to decorate alternatively. Just check out these awesome ideas, which include a paper mache snowman, a tree made out of recycled bottles, and stockings made out of old t-shirts! Have fun and play around with different ideas that might help you see some household items in an entirely new way.

What are some of your favorite holiday decorations?

P.S. To see some great decor on display, remember to check out SPU’s annual tradition holiday event, Friday from 7-10 p.m. in Tiffany Loop!

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