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Bike Sharing and Seattle

bike shareIf the hectic streets of New York can make it work, I’m sure Seattle’s plan to launch a bike-sharing program in the Spring of 2014 will be a largely positive endeavor. Bike-sharing is the public transpo. of cycling, with bike stations set up across cities where riders can grab a bike or return one. When New York first put its program into motion, there was lots of skepticism regarding the safety of more bikers being put onto already congested streets, but after five months, bike-sharing in NYC has caused no serious harm. Supporters of the idea attribute this to the “safety in numbers” phenomenon, with more cyclists leading to a heightened awareness of their presence, resulting in drivers taking them into consideration more when navigating the streets.

Even if you don’t plan on using any bikes come Spring, this program seems to mark another point of growth for the Seattle culture of green transportation and sharing the road. What do you think of the idea? Feel free to share your thoughts with us below.


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