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Eating to Combat Anxiety

liz-lemon-have-it-all-650x362The first week of a new quarter is notoriously stressful. It’s hit me like never before this winter (though it probably feels that way every time), and I expect that the majority of my fellow students are currently feeling like butter spread over too much bread (because the world needs more LOTR references). I’ve written about less concrete ways of dealing with anxiety before, but just like certain foods can help us to concentrate, certain foods can also help us in the fight against stress.


A multi-beneficial fruit, blueberries are loaded with antioxidants and vitamin C, thought to assist in the regulation of cortisol levels. When it experiences a spike, the stress hormone of cortisol kickstarts our anxiety.


I recently wrote an article discussing the health benefits of nuts in general. Almonds in particular contain zinc, an important nutrient that keeps us strong in the face of a rigorous schedule.

Whole Grains

Whole grain foods help to keep us at a healthy level of serotonin, a hormone that serves as a mood-booster. Look to acquire easy whole grains in cereal, oatmeal, and pasta.

Dark Chocolate

You’ve likely heard about dark chocolate’s status as a healthier option in the chocolate department. And it’s true as well when applied to anxiety; dark chocolate also reduces our cortisol levels.


The key element to be found here is omega-3 fatty acids, which research suggests have the ability to calm us down. Salmon has plenty of them, and one study out of Ohio State University found that eating between 12 to 15 ounces of salmon can reduce anxiety by over 20%.

But on a more emotional level, something that helps me a great amount is to remember that I’m not alone. And neither are you. Good luck out there.

How do you deal with anxiety?


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