Sustainability is about ecology, economy and equity.- Ralph Bicknese

Sustainable Flower-Buying

beautiful-valentines-day-giftIt’s hard to go wrong with flowers on Valentine’s day. I’m not usually one for traditions, but if anything is traditional in a good way, it’s flowers. Unfortunately, a startling eighty percent of cut flowers in the United States come from countries where fair wages are often absent and dangerous pesticides are not. But don’t worry, your chocolates won’t necessarily have to go solo this time. There are plenty of environmentally conscious options out there, and several ways in which you can ensure you’re buying the right flowers. Aside from talking to a florist, you can look for the following green labels when you go shopping:

Fair Trade-Certified

If you see this label on a bouquet, you can know that the flowers come from farms that treat workers right, with safe working conditions and  fair wages.

USDA Organic-Certified

This label tells you that no synthetic fertilizers or pesticides were involved in the growing of your selected flowers.

Rainforest Alliance-Certified

This one is especially fun because it involves a green frog seal. Where else are you going to see a frog representing something so official? The seal means that the flower’s place of origin follows Sustainable Agriculture Network standards, limiting pesticide use and treating workers well by giving them access to healthcare and education.


Veriflora is more than just a fun word to say; it’s also an indicator that both the workers and natural resources at a given farm are treated with respect during flower production.

So, now that we know the right flowers to buy, finding a date should be easy right? Well, I guess one cool thing about knowledge is that it can be used in the present or the future.

Do you plan on involving flowers in your Valentine’s Day somehow?


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