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Embracing the Bar Scene

bar soapDid you know that bar soap has been estimated to have 25% less of a carbon footprint than liquid soaps? I certainly didn’t. Growing up, my parents always had liquid soap around, almost on an exclusive basis, and my limited exposure to bar soap seems to have rendered me somewhat naive to its benefits. Depending on myself to get my soap on has taught me that bar soap costs less, but as it turns out, the perks of bar soap go past the frugal. See here, clean reader:

Bar Soaps Help to Prevent Overuse

It’s easy to use way more liquid soap than necessary. In fact, it’s estimated that people use seven times more liquid soap per washing than they would with bar soap. All that extra soap doesn’t make you more clean of course, it just gets wasted. The cool thing is that we really don’t need to use that much to get clean, and bar soap can help us cut down.

Less Packaging

Many bar soaps are packaged in easily recyclable paper, while liquid soaps come in plastic bottles that require manufacturing and shipping, and recyclable soap bottles are few and far between.

A Better Travel Companion

Liquid soaps leak from their dispensers all too easily when they’re packed away in travel bags. No such worries when it comes to taking bar soap with you on the road.

People sometimes worry that germs are more spreadable when using bar soap, but this has been debunked. And if you’re still concerned about it, just rinse off the soap real quick before you use it. Tips for even greener use of bar soap include keeping it out of contact with shower spray (a dry bar is a longer-lasting bar) and turning the water off while you’re lathering up.

Are you already a bar enthusiast?

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