Sustainability is about ecology, economy and equity.- Ralph Bicknese

Sustainability & Film: Frances Ha

Frances-Ha-film-stillIt’s hard to think of a better movie about the sustainability of youthful enthusiasm than Noah Baumbach’s simultaneously charming and distressing dramedy “Frances Ha.” While the post-college transition or non-transition into adulthood is a popular indie-movie theme (and one of my personal favorites), Frances Ha manages to examine it with a hand that is both hyper-realistic and graceful. Greta Gerwig gives one of my favorite performances of 2013 as Frances, a 27 year-old apprentice dancer who lives in Brooklyn with her best friend Sophie. With her dancing career not taking off as she had hoped, Frances’ friendship with Sophie acts as her mental cushion against a discouraging reality. This gets taken away from her when Sophie decides to move in with someone else, and Frances is forced to re-examine the state of her life. Continue reading

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Shopping Alternatives

sleeveA little while back I wrote about the plagues of consumerism and how to better navigate the temptations of holiday shopping. Valentines Day, marking another shop-heavy time of year, may be another time in which our inclination to buy new items rises higher than usual, whether or not those items are romantically charged. Amped up sales and ads target us from all angles, all of them promoting with the word new, new, new. But does new have to be included in the rush we feel when we shop? I find that I get just as psyched, if not more so, when I discover something through an alternate, second-hand route. After all, isn’t a second-hand item still just as new to you and your life as that shirt hanging in the department store? Continue reading

Sustainable Flower-Buying

beautiful-valentines-day-giftIt’s hard to go wrong with flowers on Valentine’s day. I’m not usually one for traditions, but if anything is traditional in a good way, it’s flowers. Unfortunately, a startling eighty percent of cut flowers in the United States come from countries where fair wages are often absent and dangerous pesticides are not. But don’t worry, your chocolates won’t necessarily have to go solo this time. There are plenty of environmentally conscious options out there, and several ways in which you can ensure you’re buying the right flowers. Continue reading

SPU and the Green University

SPU.01Universities are getting more and more green these days, providing examples of sustainable communities for all kinds of institutions to strive for. The evolution of the university is one that can be seen plenty in the features of SPU, which has received such recognition in the past and acheived much in its own green pursuits. Continue reading