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Four Cool Things About Finals Week

finalsThe days leading up to the end of finals will be unpleasant ones for many of us. They will be saturated with stress and a general feeling of impending doom, as if we were trying to get out of the way of falling meteors by studying. At times, we will feel like we are in the middle of one of those torture chamber mechanisms, with spikes on both walls slowly closing in. Staying positive may seem like an impossibility. But if that part of your brain that is in constant search of a light at the end of the tunnel shuts off, there are a few things you can think about in the effort to turn it back on.

That Feeling you have when you Finish a Final

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Does the air ever feel as crisp as it does when you walk outside after handing in your test and leaving a class behind forever? That feeling of accomplishment and finality entail positive vibes that don’t come often in life. A part of you may be worried about how you did on the test, but if you’re like me, the feeling of release will vastly overpower your concern. After all, your part in that tale is over. You can go back to your home and let the chips fall where they may, literally and figuratively.

Awesome Library Decor

How cool is the artwork in the SPU library that goes up at the end of every quarter? The answer is very. Since I have a hard time focusing at home, I spend a lot of time there during finals. And yes, I am totally the weird guy who goes around to examine every piece of art before settling on a seat.

A Good Excuse to Drink a lot of Coffee









Three cups a day around this time is like one cup a day at any other.

Communal Empathy


Going through finals with our peers is kind of like being in a raft at sea on a particularly stormy few days; the experience is bound to bring people closer together. Study parties and the like are helpful reminders that we are not alone on that raft.


So here’s to you, brave student. May your energy and positivity be sustained in the fullest way possible over the next few days.

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