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Healthy Habits to Consider this Spring Break

Spring-15When school is in session, there often just isn’t enough time to work on a healthier lifestyle. Eating oatmeal and a banana for breakfast? With a smoothie to drink? Many college kids don’t even spend time eating breakfast at all, whether that breakfast is a three course feast or a bowl of cereal with possibly expired milk. The nice thing about living such a hectic lifestyle is that when a break comes, the world seems to move in slow motion. Even if you’ll still be working a job over spring break, the lack of school will likely transmit itself into little gaps of time that you suddenly have no clue what to do with. While this sudden freedom may be short-lived, you might be able to use the time to implement some healthy habits into your lifestyle that will last even when you return to the books.

Start a Morning Workout

I know, it’s hard enough getting up and ready for those early classes, let alone with an addition like exercising. But if you can manage to squeeze a short jog or work out session into your morning, you can jump start your metabolism and give yourself a boost of energy that will keep you feeling more awake all day.

Avoid Screens







Staring into a computer as I write this, I’m fully aware of how difficult it is to avoid looking at screens in the morning or at any other time of the day. Our instinct in the morning is to jump online and check our email, facebook, etc., but I often find that doing this makes me a little bummed out, like my mind didn’t get enough time to wake up before being forced into the processing of internet information. Try letting yourself adjust to consciousness more naturally by waiting an hour or more before looking at a screen.


As I mentioned, it’s usually considered a pro if college students take time for any sort of breakfast at all. If you don’t, or if your breakfast doesn’t include many nutrients, see if you can fit a simple banana into your routine. Even if you don’t have the time for something as substantial as oatmeal, you can at least give your body the quick morning aid of one of the healthiest foods there is. Bananas are another way to spark your morning energy, as they’re filled with natural sugar and carbohydrates.

Besides more sleep, are you hoping to attain any new habits over break?

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