Sustainability is about ecology, economy and equity.- Ralph Bicknese

Eco-Friendly Cleaning

amarbleYeah, so that bathtub of yours. That toilet. That sink. That pan residue left over from that time you tested the smoke detector by frying marbles. You’ve managed to ignore the dirt and grime for a while, but let’s be honest: the word disgusting is close to being an appropriate description for your pad. If you’re looking to do some spring cleaning and make the word immaculate more an exaggeration than a total fantasy, but want to do it in the greenest way possible, check below for some guidelines to follow in the search for Eco-friendly cleaning products.

Natural Ingredients are Important

The act of label-reading is an unfortunate consequence of being an environmentalist in this scenario. Sometimes the simple word “natural” or “green” doesn’t go a long way when it comes to advertising; as companies that make cleaning products are not required by law to disclose all of their ingredients, it helps to do some research on companies that are completely transparent in this regard and fit what you’re looking for. If you want to go really DIY with it, check out this page for info on how to create your own non-toxic cleaning products.


This one’s a little easier than ingredient reading; just look for the recycled symbol on bottles that tells you the company reused material to create that bottle.


Luckily the price of green cleaning products is starting to come down a bit with the rise of demand for them. If you’re on a super tight budget though, and if you’re a student of course you are, you can try your luck at finding green coupons online, or wait for a sale to take place at your local store.


Okay, so maybe this isn’t too green-related. But cleaning doesn’t have to be boring. Put on some high-energy tunes while you do your thing  to help you dance your way towards a semi-decent living space.

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