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Governor Inslee Pushing for Limits on Carbon Emissions

carbonWashington Gov. Jay Inslee declared new goals towards instigating carbon emission limits on Tuesday, calling the continued push against climate change a “moral responsibility.” The 21-member task force appointed by Inslee is set to design a market-based carbon reduction plan which will focus on cap-and-trade systems (which allows corporations to trade emission allowances under an overarching limit) and carbon taxes. Continue reading

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Five Items to Keep Out of the Trash

parks trashEven if you’re a recycling and composting expert, you may find yourself wondering about the trashability or recyclability of certain rather ambiguous items. If they’re any of the following five things, the answer is to keep them away from the garbage pile. Continue reading

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Seattle Bus Cuts Impending

seattle-busI’m one of many SPU students (and Seattleites in general) who don’t own a car and are dependent upon the bus and rides from friends to get around. Anyone in a similar situation will be bummed to learn that bus routes are getting cut in Seattle as a result of proposition 1 heading for a loss, which would have hiked up sales tax and car tabs in order to provide the necessary funding for the continuation of current bus services. This is bad news for sustainable transportation in Seattle, since it will probably lead to more cars on the road as people whose regular route gets cut are forced to drive. All in all, the cuts will remove 72 bus routes from existence, and those remaining won’t have as frequent of a running schedule. Continue reading

Environmental Film Festival at SIFF

siff-logo1The Seattle International Film Festival is hosting a special night of environmental-themed film screenings, starting tomorrow (April 24th) at 5 p.m.. The showings will include a documentary called The Strong People detailing the efforts of those who removed the Elwha Dam, as well as Momenta, which discusses the potential impact of coal-exporting trains running through the Pacific Northwest, and several other films dealing with the natural world and humanity’s interaction with it. The “Wild and Scenic Film Festival,” as SIFF has deemed it, will be hosted at the Uptown Theatre in Lower Queen Anne. Look here to purchase tickets ($15).

Earth Day in Seattle

earthday1Earth Day was founded just about forty-four years ago today, on April 22, 1970, by Gaylord Nelson, bringing greater national attention to our earth’s needs. In honor of Earth Day, a number of local organizations have put together events for people to gather and celebrate their commitment to making the earth a greener place. See below for a list of potential earth day activities to take part in. Continue reading

SPU’s Sustainable Graduation Wear

tiffany-loopAs a soon to be SPU graduate (provided I don’t screw anything up), I recently went about ordering a cap and gown through SPU’s regalia connection, and was surprised to learn that SPU 2014 graduation gear is made up of 100% post-consumer recycled plastic bottles. Clothing manufactured from bottles? It’s true; an average of 23 plastic bottles were used in the making of each cap and gown this year. The material is made out of fabric spun from molten plastic pellets. With less than 30% of all plastic bottles being recycled, and plastic building up in landfills to an alarming degree, wearing bottles seems like a pretty cool way to launch into the post-graduate world. And symbolically, how perfect is this for a graduation outfit? Renewal, renewal, renewal.

Eco-Sanctuaries on Whidbey Island

whidbeyIf I may add to the list of reasons to visit Whidbey IslandThe Seattle Times has recently posted an article about some intriguing zen-centered island spots to visit, starting with the yoga lodge, a super-chill Whidbey Island retreat. The lodge sounds like the perfect place to get your enviro-health on, with yoga classes, a hiking trail, and an all-vegetarian menu. Continue reading