Sustainability is about ecology, economy and equity.- Ralph Bicknese

Greening Your Kitchen

kitchOn average, the kitchen is the most wasteful room in the home. Besides the amount of food that gets discarded, there’s the packaging that accompanies food as well as the paper we throw out as a result of paper towels and napkins. Luckily making the transition to a greener kitchen is a relatively painless one that can take form in a few simple steps. Keep reading if you’re looking to move in such a direction.

Creating a waste center is an easy way to stop tossing stuff in the garbage that could either be recycled or composted. Just make sure you have a recycling and composting bin/bag right next to your trash, so all three options are easy to remember when you’re ready to get rid of that soda can.

Discarding toxic cleaning products and switching to natural ones can help green your kitchen area and create a more healthy household environment. Check out this post for information on creating your own natural cleaning products as well as seeking out natural ingredients in store-bought cleaners.

Pretending that plastic doesn’t exist is a huge step towards reducing your footprint. Instead of plastic storage containers, use glass containers, and avoid bringing home plastic shopping bags by reusing your own bags over and over.

These basic steps are nothing too fancy, but they go a long way. As the space in which we make what renews and sustains us, kitchens are a nice room to make as harmonious as possible with the living world around us.


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