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Green Activities for Your Weekend

Picnic_EatingLadies and Gentlemen, may I announce the end of the second week of spring quarter. Odds are you’ve been working hard these past two weeks to get adjusted to your new schedule and readjusted to school in general. You deserve a break, and hopefully this weekend you’ll be getting one. While there’s nothing wrong with a little Netflix (believe me, I am no stranger to the Netflix binge), you might consider unplugging for a bit this weekend and relaxing techno-free. The appeal of it doesn’t always kick in until you’re in the moment, and then you just might realize that it’s exactly what your screen-addled mind needed. If this sounds like what you’re looking for, keep reading.

Have a Picnic

With the sun coming around, picnic season is upon us. Every time I picnic I am reminded of that feeling of grass against your legs and how essential it is to keep in touch with. In its own way, sitting in the grass both brings me back to my childhood and makes me feel more connected to the world. If you live near SPU, Tiffany Loop makes for a fantastic picnic venue. And no matter where you live, Discovery Park is undoubtedly picnic heaven.

Go Hiking

In a city as close to nature as Seattle, there are a lot of hiking trails to visit and explore. Not only is hiking a breath of fresh air, it’s also great exercise that will make you feel less guilty about spacing out later.

Indoor Gardening

Bring nature to you by doing some indoor planting this weekend. Both herbs and food are possible to grow inside if you have a sun-filled window. Check out this old but relevant article for more info.

Visit the Fremont Sunday Market

Walking through the Fremont Sunday market is an experience in itself. You don’t even have to spend any cash to get a great story to tell about something you saw that was really unique; just about everything there seems to be. Last week I saw a poet selling on-the-spot poetry-you pick you subject and he writes out a poem about it right there in front of you. It’s this kind of creativity that makes the Fremont Sunday market a gem of a weekend activity.



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