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Eco-Sanctuaries on Whidbey Island

whidbeyIf I may add to the list of reasons to visit Whidbey IslandThe Seattle Times has recently posted an article about some intriguing zen-centered island spots to visit, starting with the yoga lodge, a super-chill Whidbey Island retreat. The lodge sounds like the perfect place to get your enviro-health on, with yoga classes, a hiking trail, and an all-vegetarian menu.

To go deep into the realm of eco-spirituality, the place to go sounds like Earth Sanctuary, which was composed with the idea of connecting the natural world with human spirituality. The landowner, Chuck Pettis, is a specialist in designing spiritual spaces, and structures meant to foster meditation are scattered throughout the 72 acres of forest trails and ponds.

You can work on your whale-speak at the Langley Whale Center, a facility dedicated to whale-preservation where visitors are shown around rooms with various displays on whales and other marine mammals.

For more standard nature-park fare, South Whidbey Island State Park seems to fit the bill, with 347 acres of woodland where you can come across several old growth cedars and make your way towards a mile-long stretch of secluded beach.

So, if you’re lucky enough to visit Whidbey Island, perhaps through a visit to the Camp Casey Conference Center, there is definitely a lot to see. Even if you can’t decide where to go first, the island would be the perfect place to meditate on it.

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