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Seattle Bus Cuts Impending

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seattle-busI’m one of many SPU students (and Seattleites in general) who don’t own a car and are dependent upon the bus and rides from friends to get around. Anyone in a similar situation will be bummed to learn that bus routes are getting cut in Seattle as a result of proposition 1 heading for a loss, which would have hiked up sales tax and car tabs in order to provide the necessary funding for the continuation of current bus services. This is bad news for sustainable transportation in Seattle, since it will probably lead to more cars on the road as people whose regular route gets cut are forced to drive. All in all, the cuts will remove 72 bus routes from existence, and those remaining won’t have as frequent of a running schedule.

While it would have been nice not to have to deal with the cuts, opponents of prop. 1 pointed out that metro is still one of the highest-cost bus agencies in the country, averaging over $136 in operating expenses every service hour per bus. Those against the bill argue that metro needs to look at cutting its overhead and low-use routes before asking for a tax hike. In any case, here’s to hoping those SPU bus passes (expert plug alert) will still be relevant to our nearby transportation options.

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One thought on “Seattle Bus Cuts Impending

  1. AMEN! I RELY heavily on bus service… coming from Tacoma and they have cut service here so absolutely NO ONE can have a social life… They start at 7am and stop operating at 7pm.. It is very difficult to get around with out the help of the buses and I have spoken to others about the issue and I have been told that they are lying to us… We have to speak up and demand the services remain for the use of all! Please continue rallying and supporting the cause for continued bus service in the area!!!!!