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Governor Inslee Pushing for Limits on Carbon Emissions


carbonWashington Gov. Jay Inslee declared new goals towards instigating carbon emission limits on Tuesday, calling the continued push against climate change a “moral responsibility.” The 21-member task force appointed by Inslee is set to design a market-based carbon reduction plan which will focus on cap-and-trade systems (which allows corporations to trade emission allowances under an overarching limit) and carbon taxes.

In addition, Inslee set new directives for state agencies to extend support for clean-energy advances like solar power, as well as to work with utilities towards reducing the amount of electricity produced by coal-fired power plants.

Republicans like Senator Doug Ericksen were irked at Inslee’s proposals, saying that Washington’s impact on greenhouse gases is too tiny to make a difference. Isn’t this kind of thinking a big part of the problem though? It’s easy to say that a little bit of pollution here and there won’t make that big of a difference in the grand scheme of things, but if every small source of pollution follows that mindset, it adds up to a big pollution issue. A telling factor can be seen when Ericksen was asked whether he believed climate change was real, responding that his own views on the matter were “irrelevant.”

The negative side to possible carbon limits is the financial strain it could impose on people, with factors like possibly higher gas prices entering into the equation. If only trends like this could work in conjunction to a higher number of affordable electric cars and charging stations. Still, the fact that Washington representatives are continuing to drive the overarching push against climate change seems like a mostly positive piece of news.

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