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Blazing into an Eco-Concious Summer

Heat WaveArg. If you’re like me and your weather spirit state (WSS) is Alaska, the last few days have likely been tough on you. But there’s no denying it; warmer conditions are announcing their arrival, and we have no choice but to adapt. Fortunately, instead of running to our air conditioners with open arms, we can try out some alternative methods of keeping cool and making the best of sunny days.

Check your Tires

Warmer temperatures can lower your tire pressure, and tires that aren’t fully inflated lead to lower fuel efficiency. Make sure you’re pumped up for the heat, even if you aren’t excited about it.

Let in the Sun

As much as we might despise it (okay, maybe not many of us), the sun has a way of cleaning our air if we allow it into our home. Open up your windows and blinds and/or push aside the curtains during the coolest parts of the day, then close your blinds/curtains during the hottest parts of the day so you’re less tempted to use AC.

Bring in the Fans

Whether portable or ceiling, fans are a much greener alternative to air conditioning.

Reduce your Electricity Usage

Heat that builds up indoors can sometimes be traced to the items that create heat on their own. Try letting your dishes air dry instead of having your dishwasher run a dry cycle, and make sure things like your computer are turned off when they’re not in use.

Good luck out there Seattleites. Eat a Popsicle or something.


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