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6 Reasons to Love the Rain

umbrellasIf you follow this blog (thanks, by the way), you may be aware that I possess an alarming distaste for sunny weather. Luckily for me, the past few days have provided a temporary respite from the glowing orange beast, replaced by soothing greys and raindrops. But for many, this reversal has been an unfortunate departure from their fun in the sun. While I sympathize (well, not really) with their situation, I thought I would use my blogging platform to try and heighten awareness of how awesome rain is, and maybe make those who loathe it loathe it a little bit less.


I don’t care how old you are; splashing in puddles is fun. Plus, they’re like liquid mirrors on the ground.

-Bright Yellow Rain Boots






For some reason, these things make me feel at home. The yellow pops amidst surroundings of green, making them perfect for the northwest. If you can get some ducks to walk in circles around your feet while you wear them, even better.







Everything done in the rain is automatically more romantic than it would be out of the rain, because you’re getting wet and you don’t care. Seriously, umbrellas have no place in the dating world.








…in the sun? I don’t think so.






I’m not saying umbrellas can never be fun. If you have one you really like, it can feel like you’re carrying around your own private little ceiling.








Do you ever remember thinking to yourself, wow, it’s so comfy in here with the sun strumming against that nearby window. No? I’m not surprised. That thought would make very little sense. On the other hand, the sound of rain pitter-pattering against windows is cozy for days, and provides the perfect atmospheric touch for intimate conversations, alone time, and of course, sleeping.

So there’s my anti-summer post just before summer. But the disappointing absence of rain aside, what are you looking forward to this summer?


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