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The Benefits of Soybeans

basket-of-soybeansYou may have noticed Soybeans or Edamame being served as an appetizer when you eat out, or perhaps you’ve discovered them through your own curiosity. Either way, these fuzzy-shelled guys are deceptively delicious. While they may look like just another vegetable (even though they’re technically a legume), soybeans are super yummy, especially with the addition of some salt on the pod. Fortunately said yumminess does not, in this case, mean that soybeans aren’t as healthy as they look. The fact is that soybeans have many health benefits, and you don’t have to feel guilty about eating them at all. Quite the contrary. See below for some reasons soybeans are both tasty and healthy:

High in Protein and Fiber

One cup of soybeans gives you 17 grams of protein, especially handy if you’re cutting out meat. It also gives you 8 grams of fiber.

Low in Fat and Calories

One cup of edamame is just 8 grams of fat and 189 calories.

High in Folate and Manganese

One cup of soybeans supplies you with over a hundred percent of the daily recommended value of folate, and over half the daily value of manganese, which helps to maintain bone strength.

High in Vitamins C and K

While the vitamin C in soybeans will help out your immune system, the vitamin K in them is important for the health of your heart.

High in Iron

A cup of Soybeans also contains 3.5 milligrams of iron, also important for the health of your bones.


Are you a fan of soybeans?

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