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Green Careers

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Solar_PowerWelp, graduation is approaching fast for us SPU seniors, and the desperate search for a new job is well underway for many. Whether or not you’ll be stepping away from SPU this June, the field of sustainability is a constantly growing one, and green career options are expanding past the ones you may already know about. If you’re at all interested in going into sustainability after school, or if you’re in the thick of it and trying to look ahead, check out the following list of possible future jobs in under-sought areas within the sustainable framework.

Water Conservation

People who work in water conservation make sure that fresh water amounts remains high enough to keep humans and wildlife healthy, an increasingly important job as sources of fresh water are limited.


One of the several options of alternative fuel, people who work with bio-fuels help produce biological raw material that is more environmentally friendly than oil-based fuels.

Environmental Remediation

People in Environmental Remediation perform the critical task of cleaning up after those who pollute through industrial activity and more. Environmental remediators (new word?) bring places back to a more natural state.

Energy Auditing

Energy auditors inspect and improve building energy use by looking for ways in which air is being leaked and fixing them up.

Solar Power

Harnessing the power of the sun? A pretty cool job description. Solar energy alone has the potential to exceed present and future energy needs.

Wind Energy

Wind energy is an especially growing area within alternative energy, and operating turbines requires the efforts of people in urban spaces as well as on the wind farm.

Here’s to an exciting job search, both for those looking in the present and the future.

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  1. Geothermal energy is another renewable energy source that is forever changing in our high-tech world today.
    I think we should all take a better look at renewable energy sources.