Sustainability is about ecology, economy and equity.- Ralph Bicknese


spu2Moving forward and healing, of course, aren’t always the same thing. Moving forward is often what we’re forced to do in hard times, when we feel frozen and stagnant on the inside, but it doesn’t imply anything more than what the physical body is doing. I suspect that much of the SPU community is still in the moving forward phase, with the emotional toll of last week still acting as a heavy weight inside. Continue reading


2014-2015 Sustainable Course Offerings

UCSB-Green-College-400x2801Those of you looking to enter the field of sustainability will want to take note of the environmentally-related classes taking place at SPU the next academic year. To start in the subject of biology, there are a host of wildlife-centered courses available, including animal bio, marine bio, intro to sustainability and science, oceanography, and ecology. Continue reading