Sustainability is about ecology, economy and equity.- Ralph Bicknese

2014-2015 Sustainable Course Offerings

UCSB-Green-College-400x2801Those of you looking to enter the field of sustainability will want to take note of the environmentally-related classes taking place at SPU the next academic year. To start in the subject of biology, there are a host of wildlife-centered courses available, including animal bio, marine bio, intro to sustainability and science, oceanography, and ecology.

In the field of engineering science, there is a series of courses classified by their focus on alternative energy, starting with an overview of Alternative Energy Systems (EGR 3611) in the fall and progressing into Hydro-Systems (EGR 3612) in the winter and Biomass (EGR 3614) in the spring, capping with a look at Alternative Energy Systems Design (4610), also offered in Spring.

Perhaps the most sustainability-focused course offered next year is Global Climate Change (PHY 3011), found in the Physics department. This class examines humanity’s negative impact on earth and our resulting fight against climate change, emphasizing “the complexity of climate science and energy policy.”

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