Sustainability is about ecology, economy and equity.- Ralph Bicknese


spu2Moving forward and healing, of course, aren’t always the same thing. Moving forward is often what we’re forced to do in hard times, when we feel frozen and stagnant on the inside, but it doesn’t imply anything more than what the physical body is doing. I suspect that much of the SPU community is still in the moving forward phase, with the emotional toll of last week still acting as a heavy weight inside.

It would feel false to write about how beautiful it is to see the SPU community healing, because that probably isn’t taking place yet in many individuals. What feels truer is to write about how beautiful it is to see people so ready to be there for each other in the various forms that have been exhibited across SPU since Thursday. As a graduating senior, seeing everyone come together so much has made me realize how much the school has meant to me. This is a place where people really care about each other, which of course isn’t always the case, especially to such a degree, on college campuses and in the world at large. It’s a beautiful world, full of life and possibility, but SPU is a special place.

To anyone reading this, I wish you all the best. Thank you for reading this blog. And to my fellow graduating seniors, congratulations. Stay sustainable SPU.


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