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Taking a Bike?

That’s right, now in Seattle you don’t have to take a hike (unless of course you want to). Instead you can take a bike with the new  Seattle bike share program, operated by the non-profit Pronto Cycle Share. This program launched in October and was such a hit that it is expanding. Deciding where more of the solar powered bike share stations will go is up to the general public. That includes you, so vote here!

The bike share program encourages people to exercise, commute, or just enjoy the beautiful city of Seattle from a two-seated pedestal. SPU has been nominated as a potential station site along with many other location around town. Vote for a site that works best for you, and that you think would work well for others.  You can also view and comment on other nominated locations, and view others’ comments before you make your choice.

This share program is really exciting and offering opportunities to get involved. They offer regular outreach and education events and have 50 stations already around the city. If you want to know more about how the program works, you can check out their About page and look into a membership. Despite the chilly weather many people are still out biking, and that will only increase when spring time rolls around. Get your vote in now, so you can take advantage of this unique opportunity to get out and bike Seattle!

Author: Lauren

SPU Student

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