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Summer start up!


As the summer weeks are now in full swing, and the first official day of summer is coming up our campus is implementing compost! We’ll start placing bins in office buildings, with the residence halls to follow. The bin in our office This is the bin in our Facilities office that is right at home next to our recycling.

Our warehouse is filled with bins eagerly awaiting deployment, but in need of compostable bags to go with. Some bins will go out today, and others around campus have been re-labeled for composting capacity, in common spaces like the lobby of Demaray Hall and near Common Grounds in Weter.
Lg Compost BinsThese bins are part of the campus implementation of the city ordinance that started January 1st of this year that prohibits compostable or recyclable items from being disposed of as garbage. In addition to the many small bins on campus inside the buildings being added, there are 8 new pick up locations for all of our food waste to go.

Other bins have been ordered to increase recycling on campus and will be added to our indoor recycling program.Recycling & Counter top bins

For each bin there will be a compostable bag in place that will break down within a few weeks once picked up by our commercial hauler. The indoor bins will be emptied twice a week by a student in our department, similarly to our campus wide recycling. Our compostable bags  A few common items that can go in these brand new bins are coffee grounds, paper towels, napkins, and banana peels. If you want to know more about what is or isn’t compostable check out information from your local hauler. For Seattle almost any food scraps can be put in the bin, even dairy and meat products. Seattle Public Utilities and Cedar Groves both have lists of what is acceptable for our campus and our Seattle neighbors.

Author: Lauren

SPU Student