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Follow up on the Food Waste Fight and Faith

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In some of my previous posts I touched on the problems of food waste , as well as some solutions for the rising problem in America. I also appreciated and reflected on parts of Pope Francis’ Encyclical Letter in a 3 part series about how faith and sustainable practices go hand in hand. The Pope is not the only person who has noticed this connection and is asking faith communities to step up to the issue of climate change. The Environmental Protection Agency here in the states has also recognized how the faith community can partner in helping the planet. With this thought, the EPA has launched their Food Steward’s Pledge to help reach the goal to reduce food waste by 50 percent in the next 14 years.

This move towards encouraging members of the faith community is based on changing food waste through systemic channels. In an interview with NPR, Gina McCarthy the EPA Administrator says that this strategy allows the EPA to tap “into incredibly motivated and dedicated people”. NPR’s report goes on to highlight many religious groups who are taking part in the food waste fight, whether they are Jewish, Muslim, Christian, or other faith groups.

A movement that is happening here on campus to reduce food waste is also taking place. In addition to the campus-wide composting initiative begun last summer, there is also a club working to keep food out of the compost. I personally am a part of the Seattle Pacific Chapter of the Food Recovery Network, which in partnership with Sodexo, is working to get unused food to people in need. If you want to know more about the national network of colleges doing this work check out their homepage, or you can also learn more about SPU’s chapter at any of their events. SPU is motivated toward sustainability as outlined in the signature commitment of being a place that understands and engages our multicultural and complex world. This complexity includes the created order and how we as humans interact with it and steward what resources we have. Following the photo above is a great place for all of us to start.

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