Sustainability is about ecology, economy and equity.- Ralph Bicknese

Sustainability: More Than a Word

Here at Seattle Pacific University, we believe that “sustainability” is more than a buzz word for people to throw around – it is a responsibility.  A responsibility to meet the pressing needs of ourselves, of our neighbors, and of our future.

To get technical, sustainability is a community’s ability to meet its needs without hurting future generations’ ability to do the same thing. While this involves many social and ecological implications, we want to address every aspect of sustainability to ensure a healthier, holistic future.

We are dedicated to ensuring responsible stewardship of our resources at SPU and the greater Seattle area. Living in an urban setting can make it difficult to feel connected to nature, as well as our impact upon it. We seek to foster a durable human relationship with the environment.

This blog is intended to promote awareness and increase involvement in today’s most pressing ecological and social issues at Seattle Pacific University. We will discuss subjects like environmental friendliness, personal well-being in connection to your surroundings, and how you can get involved in ensuring a cleaner, brighter city.

We invite our readers to respond and contribute to this blog. Sustainability is not a one-man job — it’s a collaborative effort. Tell us about your relationship with sustainability on the SPU campus, what you like and what you want to improve, and how we as humans can better care for what we have been given.


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