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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from SustainableSPU!

bikeWe here at SustainableSPU would like to wish you a happy and (emotionally) warm time celebrating the people in your lives as you take some time off and get down to merriment. If you’re trying to be extra green this season, the holidays present several ways to put sustainable values into practice. For a quick round-up of the holiday greenery that’s been covered on this blog, check out the links below. Continue reading

Dealing with Holiday Consumerism

Christmas-Shopping-Fever-2An unfortunate addition to the warmth of the holiday season is the spirit of consumerism. Accompanying goodwill and hot chocolate and round-the-clock Bing Crosby is the increased desire to shop, one that I do not claim innocence from. For me and likely most, it isn’t only about the material goods; it’s about the activity itself, the buzz and lights and rush of it all. It’s something that we all know to some degree in the back of our minds but often choose to ignore; this seasonal shopping order has us right where it wants us.

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