Sustainability is about ecology, economy and equity.- Ralph Bicknese

Connecting the Missing Link

This summer I’ve enjoyed running on the Burke Gilman Trail (BGT). Some evenings I’ll use the trail to connect my route from SPU to Gasworks Park; other times I’ll run from yoga in Ballard towards Fremont to get back home. Rain or shine, thousands of cyclists and pedestrians frequent the 19.8-mile trail every day. Extending from Bothell to Ballard, the multi-use trail runs alongside various bodies of water including Lake Washington, Lake Union, the Fremont Cut, Salmon Bay, and Shilshole Bay.


The Burke Gilman trail with various road access and recreational points along the way.

The BGT has been one of the best surprises and most accessible places for me to exercise, although I’ve always felt leery (Leary) about running through the Missing Link. Following those feelings, I decided to do some research on the mile-and-a-half portion and how its completion may affect trail-users at SPU.  Continue reading

Urban vs. Rural Living

Urban-and-RuralYou’re walking amidst a sea of other people. Lights from the buildings above line the sky. All kinds of sounds are reaching your ears from every angle, each of them representing an action or movement of human life. You close your eyes. Now you are in the middle of a field, making your way towards a barn in the distance. On the other side of the trees to your right, you can hear the ocean, water rushing in and dissolving in the sand. Maybe a cow moos somewhere. Now snap back to wherever you are at the present moment. In which setting did you feel most alive? Both in different ways, perhaps? Continue reading